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Our mission is to help people reduce their ecological footprint and take care of the environment. Bakbook is free to use and available for Android and iOS devices. The app also provides tips and advice on how to reduce waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Easily discover recycling bins, drinking fountains, and zero-waste shops in close proximity to your current location or anywhere in Israel. Utilize our convenient filters to narrow down your search and find the exact locations you're looking for.
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If you're uncertain about which bin to use for your paper waste or any other type of waste, simply select the specific waste category, and our app will provide you with a list of the closest bins available. Say goodbye to confusion and effortlessly dispose of your waste in the right place.
Join our community by rating the locations you visit and sharing helpful comments and insights. Your contributions will assist other users in finding the right locations and obtaining valuable information. Together, we can create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all.
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Discover a variety of informative articles
about sustainable lifestyles and watch engaging stories highlighting recycling and zero waste practices in Israel.
Gain valuable insights and find inspiration to adopt
a more environmentally friendly way of living.
Bakbook is designed to help people in Israel recycle better.
The app helps users find the nearest recycling points
as well as outdoor drinking fountains and zero-waste shops
with a few easy taps.
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Bakbook is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
First app in Israel, that makes recycling easy and helps to reduce waste!
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